World's Coolest Jobs (North and South America edition)

1st Edition Apr 2020


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Suitable for children ages 6-8

From dinosaur paleontologist and snake-venom collector, to water-slide tester, Tower of London Ravenmaster, octopus keeper and panda nanny, discover the most fun, surprising and enjoyable jobs found on planet Earth – and see just how different and amazing the world of work can be.

Find out how to be a:
  • Motion capture actor, and bring to life monsters, animals, and more
  • Snake venom collector, and collect poison from deadly serpents with your hands
  • Wildlife photographer, and capture the world’s most incredible creatures on film
  • Professional magician, and tour the world inspiring mystery and wonder
  • Costume designer, and bring famous movie and stage characters to life
  • Sand sculptor, and spend your days creating amazing sandcastles out of sand and water
  • London Dungeon actor, and scare people stupid through hundreds of years of history
  • Wax sculptor, and recreate the world’s most famous people for Madame Tussauds
  • Video game designer, and create new and exciting virtual worlds to explore
  • Hot air balloon pilot, and take to the skies like a giant bird
  • Dinosaur paleontologist, and dig up huge prehistoric fossils all around the world
  • Ostrich babysitter, and look after these feisty flightless birds
  • Volcanologist, and study the Earth’s lava-spewing secrets
  • NASA Astronaut, and explore everything from meteors to moons deep in space
  • Sloth rehabilitator, and rescue, rehome, and release sloths in tropical Costa Rica
And more jobs which we bet you haven’t even imagined!
Book Details
ISBN: 9781788689250
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids, Anna Brett
96 pages, 96pp color | Dimensions: 185mm × 240mm
Next edition due: Apr 2025

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