Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes (North & South America edition)

Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes (North & South America edition)

1st Edition Sep 2020


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Suitable for children ages 9-12.

From monster-slewing heroes to ancient accounts of gods and goddesses from all around the world, such as Thor and Odin, the beautifully illustrated follow-up to Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts is a fun and fascinating journey through the realms of mythology, enthralling with tales of creation, legendary fables, gods and beasts.

Accompanied by engaging text by Marzia Accatino, Laura Brenella's captivating illustrations take you on a voyage of discovery all over the globe. Guided by the centaur Chiron, young readers will vault across the world to learn about the powers and weaknesses of the gods, the adventures of the great heroes, the best ways to befriend strange creatures, and the most useful tricks for escaping terrible monsters. From Norse legends of valiant Valkyries preparing for battle to the powers of Ancient Egypt's gods and goddesses, this is an exciting introduction to the world of gods, goddesses and heroes for young kids.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781838690618
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids, Marzia Accatino
80 pages, 80pp color | Dimensions: 270mm × 355mm
Next edition due: Sep 2025

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