Experience Thailand

Experience Thailand

1st Edition Sep 2022


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Inside Lonely Planet's Experience Thailand:

Unique experiences to string together an unforgettable trip

Inspiring full-colour travel photography and maps throughout

Highlights and trip builders to help tailor a trip to your personal needs and interests

Fresh perspectives to surprise you with things you hadn't thought of, as well as fresh takes on the well-known sights

Insider tips help you discover hidden gems and get around like a local

Expert insights take you to the heart of the place - authentic street food, Thai cuisine, adventure sports, water sports, beaches, Buddhist temples, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, the Islands, underwater wonders, nature & wildlife, Thai culture

Practical info and tips on money, getting around, unique and local ways to stay, and responsible travel

Covers Bangkok, Central Thailand, Northern Thailand, Chiang Rai, Chaing Mai, Northeastern Thailand, Ko Chang & the Eastern Seaboard, Hua Hin & the Upper Gulf, Ko Samui & the Lower Gulf, Phuket & the Andaman Coast

Book Details
ISBN: 9781838694869
Writers: Barbara Woolsey, Amy Bensema, Megan Leon, Chawadee Nualkhair, Aydan Stuart, Choltanutkun Tun-atiruj
258 pages, 258pp color | Dimensions: 140mm × 180mm
Next edition due: Sep 2026


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