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Around the World

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Lonely Planet invites you to join us on a round-the-world exploration to meet the intrepid travelers who have made a full circumnavigation of the globe - and find out how they did it. From Ferdinand Magellen's historic 1519 voyage to Jenny Graham's extraordinary feat of endurance cycling around the world in 2018, the challenge and mystique of circumnavigating the globe has inspired countless people to take their own trips around the world.

Whether it's by boat, bike or balloon, we'll introduce you to each mode of travel and regale readers with amazing tales of the travelers who used each method for their circumnavigation. With illustrations, infographics, period photography and foldout maps, you'll discover the details of each circumnavigation and how to plan your own trip around the world. 

Includes Circumnavigations:

  • By Ship
  • By Bicycle
  • By Plane
  • By Boat
  • On Foot
  • By Balloon
  • On a Train
  • By Car

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Book Details

ISBN: 9781788689373

Edition: 1st

Publication Date: October 2020

This guide is in the English language.

Writers: Planet, Lonely

288 pages,0 maps | Dimensions: 230mm width × 300mm height

Next edition due: Not yet determined

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