Airports: Board Book (North & South America edition)

1st Edition May 2020


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Suitable for children ages 0-2.

The vacation begins at the airport, and in this fun introduction to air travel for very young children, find out all about what happens before and after you take to the skies. From packing your suitcase to passport control, and fueling the plane to take-off, this colorful illustrated book provides an engaging first insight into airports and planes.

From checking in your bags to walking through the body scanner at security, this book delves into all the goings on at airports, as well as preparing the plane, what happens during the flight and landing safely. Readers will take a closer look inside the airplanes themselves, including a peek inside the cockpit!

As part of a series which also includes Cities and Trains, this is an exciting and inspiring introduction to the world of airports and air travel for very young children.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781838690557
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids
26 pages, 26pp color | Dimensions: 178mm × 178mm
Next edition due: May 2025

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