The World's Cutest Animal Colouring Book

1st Edition Dec 2016

This title is called Cutest Animal Coloring Book (North and South America edition) in North & South America and you can buy it here. Both editions contain the same great content.

Here comes a colouring book that is seriously cute! Each spread features a coloured animal pattern on the left, and a black and white version on the right. From the jungle treetops, to the ocean floor, there’s a fabulous choice of animals to create and complete.

Copy the colors, or create your own bold and beautiful combinations. With gorgeous, quirky illustrations from Lulu Mayo - creator of A Million Cats and A Million Dogs (Michael O’Mara), this is the perfect gift for any child aged 7+.

There are 22 adorable animals to choose from, many of them decked out in super sweet outfits! At the back of the book you’ll find a world map, pinpointing where in the world each cute creature can be found, plus some fun facts about each animal featured.

Choose from Foxes, Rabbits, Badgers, Frogs, Alpacas, Koalas, Pandas, Squirrel monkeys and more!

Suitable for children ages 5-8.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781786574077
Curator: Lonely Planet Kids
Writers: Jen Feroze
52 pages, 0pp color | Dimensions: 230mm × 270mm
Next edition due: Dec 2022

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