The Incredible Human Body Tour

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What's Inside

Hop aboard our special mini-bus for an unforgettable tour around the most fascinating destination in the entire Universe - you! In the company of our expert mini body guides, this book will get down to a microscopic level to explore all the various muscles, bones, organs and systems that make up the human body. Get ready to weave through great forests of hair, take a breakneck cruise along an artery (dodging red blood cells on the way) and get up close and personal with enormous eyes, mountainous toes and giant hearts. With a mixture of cartoons, photography and CGI art - and with fun fact-filled text - it's the human body as you've never experienced it before. 

Content includes:

  • Brain, Nervous System and Senses
  • The Mouth & Digestion
  • Life Support (Heart, blood, muscles and bones)
  • Defence and communication (skin, immune system, kidneys)
  • Building Blocks (cells, DNA, genes)
Book Details

ISBN: 9781838695279

Edition: 1st

Publication Date: September 2022

Writers: Lonely Planet Kids

Age range: 6-8

144 pages | Dimensions: 230mm width × 270mm height

Next edition due: Not yet determined

Language: English

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