The Big Earth Book (North and South America edition)

1st Edition Nov 2017


$19.99 USD

Suitable for children ages 9-12

Planet Earth. Four elements. One incredible story. Lonely Planet Kids’ The Big Earth Book takes children on a rollercoaster ride through history, geography, science and more to show how four elements – earth, fire, air and water – created the world and everything that exists today in. Amazing facts, photography, and illustrations bring our planet and its past to life in an exciting, engaging way.

Written by Mark Brake, a science writer and broadcaster who’s worked for NASA, the BBC, and the National Science Museum of Thailand. Created in consultation with Dr Mike Goldsmith, a research scientist and writer with a PhD in astrophysics from Keele University in the UK.

Highlights include: Earth, Fire, Air:, Water

Book Details
ISBN: 9781787012783
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids, Mark Brake
256 pages, 256pp color | Dimensions: 237mm × 311mm
Next edition due: Nov 2027


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