My Vacation Scrapbook (North and South America edition)

My Vacation Scrapbook (North and South America edition)

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What's Inside

Help kids bring their vacation back home with them! This colorful, fun and interactive scrapbook provides a place for children to collect and store mementoes from their travels. There's lots of space to add tickets, pictures, souvenirs and other special memories. Includes a page of stickers and a pouch to keep items safe and in one place while on the road.

My Vacation Scrapbook has lots of room for kids to get creative on their own, as well as providing ideas and suggestions to help younger children get started. And with lots of stickers to add, it's easy to personalize each scrapbook and make it stand out. It's something the whole family can have fun creating together.

Book Details

ISBN: 9781787013193

Edition: 1st

Publication Date: April 2018

Hankinson, Kim

Age range: 6-8

48 pages | Dimensions: 230mm width × 305mm height

Next edition due: Not yet determined

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