How Everything Works US

How Everything Works US

1st Edition Sep 2022


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The latest title in the popular ‘How Things Work’ series will make the ordinary seem extraordinary. Featuring the beautifully detailed illustrations of James Gulliver Hancock, How Everything Works will take a close-up look at the world around us to examine well-known, everyday environments and reveal how all the various objects and machines found there operate.

Full-page gatefolds showcase large, dense scenes while smaller flaps can be opened to uncover the secrets of the latest gizmos and gadgets. Explore a home, a building site, a factory, a shopping mall, an office and a busy street; find out how a car, a computer, a conveyor belt and mobile phone work, and much more!

Contents includes:

  • A History of Things: watch as a street changes through time
  • Down on the Farm: from tractors to combine harvesters and wind turbines
  • At the Construction Site: mix cement, dig underground, and then look upward to cranes and skyscrapers
  • Staying in Touch: connect through mobile phones, wireless tech and satellite communications
  • Getting Around - local: hit the road with cars, buses, bicycles, motorbikes and even electric vehicles
  • Getting Around - long distance: jump aboard trains, planes and boats
  • In the Home: the inner workings of washing machines, lightbulbs and electricity
  • At the Office: computers, photocopiers, air con
  • Entertainment: from rollercoasters to video games
  • Shopping: scan barcodes and watch CCTV
  • At the Factory: from assembly lines to automation, robots and fork-lift trucks
  • At the hospital: uncover modern medicine
Book Details
ISBN: 9781838695248
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids
24 pages, 24pp color | Dimensions: 282mm × 259mm
Next edition due: Sep 2026


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