World's Creepy Crawlies (North & South America edition)

1st Edition Aug 2018


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Enter the weird and wonderful world of creepy-crawlies. Our animal experts have unearthed 40 of the planet’s most bizarre species and ranked them in order of their oddness! With jaw-dropping facts and amazing photos, we reveal each creature’s seriously strange characteristics and the unusual ways they hunt, eat, or defend themselves. They’re sometimes hard to spot, but there are a mind-boggling 10 billion billion bugs on the planet. Inside World’s Strangest Creepy-Crawlies, discover the tiny terror that blows itself up to save its friends, a creature so well disguised even its own species can’t see it, and a giant spider the size of a dinner plate. And with our ‘strange-o-meter’, compare each animal based on its creepiness, fight factor, and superpowers! Creepy-crawlies include: • Elephant beetle • Hickory horned devil • Happy-face spider • Zombie snail • Leafcutter ant • Froghopper • Spiny devil katydid • Goliath birdeater spider • Giant weta • Asian giant hornet • Scorpion • Death’s-head hawkmoth • Bird-dung crab spider • Exploding ant Other titles in the series include: - World’s Strangest Predators - World’s Strangest Places - World’s Strangest Ocean Beasts
Book Details
ISBN: 9781787012981
Curator: Lonely Planet Kids
80 pages, 80pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 185mm × 240mm
Next edition due: Aug 2022

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