World Search - Incredible Animals (North and South America edition)

1st Edition Feb 2014


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Introducing World Search: new hands-on books for little adventurers aged 5+ from Lonely Planet.

Travel the world in search of the weird, wonderful and sometimes plain silly things that happen all over the globe. From animals and cities to the cool jobs people do, there's plenty to look out for. So get ready to hunt for amazing treasure, spot some awesome objects and travel the world.

World Search: Incredible Animals takes kids in search of incredible animals in their habitats around the world including Antarctica (polar), Read Sea (coral reef), Serengeti (grasslands) and the Indian jungle (rainforest).

  • Hunt for more that 35 hidden objects
  • Lift over 50 flaps to reveal extra surprises

Suitable for children ages 5-8

Part of our World Search series.

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Book Details
ISBN: 9781743219225
Curator: Lonely Planet Kids
16 pages, 16pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 222mm × 285mm
Next edition due: Feb 2019

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