West Africa - Togo (PDF Chapter)

West Africa - Togo (PDF Chapter)

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For those fond of travelling off the beaten track, Togo is a rewarding destination. Its great diversity of land-scapes ranges from lakes and palm-fringed beaches along the Atlantic coastline to rolling forested hills, lush forest and yellowy tinges of savannah.

  • soak up the mellow vibes, jazz clubs and vibrant markets of the coastal capital of Lomé
  • maps
  • unwind on the blissful stretch of sand of Coco Beach in a hammock while sipping a sun-downer
  • transport
  • relax on the shores of serene Lac Togo and take a spin on a pirogue, a traditional local canoe
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Lomé, Lac Togo, Aného, Kpalimé, Atakpamé, Kara, Koutammakou, Dapaong, Sokodé, Understand Togo, Togo Today, History, People, Religion, Arts & Culture, Environment, Survival Guide.

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