West Africa - Liberia (PDF Chapter)

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West Africa - Liberia (PDF Chapter)

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Liberia, a lush, green, friendly and vibrant land, offers everything from excellent surf spots and shops selling wares by edgy local designers to days spent lolling in a comfy hammock on the edge of the rainforest while listening to tropical birds sing.

  • explore the relics of Liberia’s rich history and the American influence that still shapes the capital, Monrovia.
  • maps
  • hit the long, bumpy road to the pretty town of Harper that’s blessed with southern American architecture and an end-of-the-line feel.
  • transport
  • venture into the habitat of the endangered pygmy hippo, camping beneath the forest can-opy and listening to the sounds of the rainforest in Sapo National Park
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Monrovia, Marshall, Robertsport, Buchanan, Mount Nimba, Zwedru, Harper, Understand Liberia, Liberia Today, History, Culture, People, Arts & Crafts, Environment, Survival Guide.

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