West Africa - Equatorial Guinea (PDF Chapter)

West Africa - Equatorial Guinea (PDF Chapter)

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This is the land of painted-faced primates, soft clouds of butterflies and insects so colourful they belong in the realm of fiction. Equatorial Guinea has something of a reputation, but there’s plenty to bring you to its beautiful black-and-white shores.

  • go wide-eyed over the strange combination of little villages with Spanish colonial church-es, dense rainforest, rare wildlife and oil platforms on Bioko Island
  • maps
  • explore Malabo’s colonial architecture, bustling markets and buzzing nightlife
  • transport
  • whisper during forest walks in search of gorillas, elephants, chimpanzees and a glorious array of colourful birds and insects in Monte Alen National Park
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Malabo, Ureca, Rio Muni, Bata, Rio Campo, Cogo, Isla Corisco, Monte Alen National Park, Understand Equatorial Guinea, Equatorial Guinea Today, History, People of Equatorial Guinea, Arts & Crafts, Environment, Survival Guide.

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