West Africa - Cabo Verde (PDF Chapter)

West Africa - Cabo Verde (PDF Chapter)

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Jutting up from the Atlantic, some 500km west of Senegal, this stunning island chain has a captivating blend of mountains, beaches and peaceful seaside villages. Add its famed music and hospitality, and you’ll see why many have come – and never left.

  • Hike the misty pine-clad ridges, the sheer canyons and the verdant valleys of Santo Antão, Cabo Verde’s most spectacular island
  • maps
  • admire the views from the summit of Pico de Fogo, the country’s only active volcano and a stunning, cinder-clad, 2829m-high peak.
  • transport
  • follow the melodic sounds of morna and coladeira to festive, open-air spots scattered around the music-loving seaside town of São Vicente.
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Santiago, Praia, Cidade Velha, São Vicente, Mindelo, Santo Antão, Paúl, Fogo, São Filipe, Cha das Caldeiras, Sal, Santa Maria, Boa Vista, Understand Cabo Verde, Cabo VerdeToday, History, Culture, People, Religion, Music, Environment, Survival Guide

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