USA's National Parks - Understand USA's National Parks (PDF Chapter)

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This chapter contains the History, Conservation, Outdoor Activities, Wildlife and Geology chapters from Lonely Planet’s USA’s National Parks guidebook.

All the info you need on all aspects of history, conservation and environmental issues, geology, wildlife and outdoor activities.

  • a rundown on sustainability and environmental issues facing the parks
  • info on the parks’ geology
  • full coverage of wildlife found in the parks
  • details on outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting, cycling and winter sports

Coverage includes: History, Conservation: Climate Change, Invasive Species, Sustainable Visitation, Outdoor Activities: Hiking, Rafting, Canoeing, Kayaking, Boat Tours, Snorkeling, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Cycling & Mountain Biking, Winter Sports, Swimming, Fishing and Horseback & Mule Riding, Wildlife: Bison, Moose & Other Grazers, Bears, Wolves & Coyotes, Cats, Small Mammals, Birds, Amphibians & Reptiles, Trees & Plants and Geology.

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31 pages

You are viewing a National Parks guide

You are viewing a National Parks guide

What is a National Parks guide?

Whether you’re a keen hiker or a beginner, passionate about exploring national parks or perhaps visiting your first, these series will help you explore some of the world’s most spectacular areas of natural beauty.

  • Over 65 full-color trail and park maps and full-color images throughout
  • Detailed information and guidance on a wealth of hikes and treks
  • Comprehensive planning tools and National Park driving tours
  • National Park activity guide, from canoeing and fishing to mountain biking
  • Special features on National Park history, geology, wildlife and conservation

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