Ukraine - Crimea (PDF Chapter)

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Ukraine - Crimea (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Crimea chapter from Lonely Planet’s Ukraine guidebook.

As the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the US State Department advise against travel to Crimea, we have not visited the Peninsula to update our coverage and we have provided no practical information or advice for visitors. Instead, we present and overview of its history and main destinations, as well as the implications of Russia's takeover of Crimea for travellers.

Shaped like a diamond, this tiny subtropical gem has always been an eye-catcher for imperial rulers – from Romans to Russians. Crimea is now firmly controlled by Moscow, which applies the same rules to foreign visitors as in Russia proper.

Coverage includes: History, Crimea Under Russian Rule: What Has Changed for Travellers, Yalta, Bakhchysaray, Balaklava, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Feodosiya, Gurzuf, Kerch, Novy Svit, Sudak, Kara-Dah Nature Reserve, Yevpatoriya, Crimea Explained.

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