Trans-Siberian Railway - The Trans-Manchurian Route (PDF Chapter)

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Trans-Siberian Railway - The Trans-Manchurian Route (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Trans-Manchurian Route chapter from Lonely Planet’s Trans-Siberian Rail-way guidebook.

For connoisseurs of obscure rail routes, the Trans-Manchurian Railway ranks high on wish lists. It’s not on the main line to Vladivostok, nor does it take the ‘tourist route’ via Mongolia; rather, it chugs through China’s rust belt, where foreign faces are few.

  • snap a selfie beside the giant matryoshki in quirky Russian Doll Park
  • maps
  • brave the cold to see the spectacular ice sculptures carved at the Harbin Ice & Snow Festival
  • transport
  • contemplate Harbin’s past at the Church of St Sophia, the largest Orthodox church in the Far East
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Manzhouli, Harbin, Chángchun, Shanhaiguan.

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