Tibet - U (PDF Chapter)

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Tibet - U (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Ü chapter from Lonely Planet’s Tibet guidebook.

Ü is Tibet’s heartland and contains almost all the landscapes you’ll find across the plateau, from sand dunes and meandering rivers to soaring peaks and juniper forests. Fine walking op-portunities abound, from day hikes and monastery koras (pilgrim circuits) to overnight treks.

  • explore the mandala-shaped complex of Tibet’s first monastery, Samye Monastery
  • maps
  • stop at atmospheric Tradruk Monastery and pass by the ruins of cliffside Rechung-puk
  • transport
  • explore the juniper-scented kora (pilgrim circuit) at Reting Monastery and the meditation re-treat of Tsongkhapa before making the lovely walk to Samtenling Nunnery
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Northern Ü, Tsurphu Valley, Nam-tso, Reting Valley, Lhundrub County, Medro Gongkar County, Lhoka Prefecture, Samye, Tsetang, Yarlung Valley, Chongye Valley, Mindroling, Dratang, Gongkar.

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