The World's Great Wonders

1st Edition Mar 2014


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Ever wondered why the Tower of Pisa leans? Or how high a Redwood Tree grows? And where to meet the Terracotta Warriors?

If you’ve ever asked ‘how did they do THAT?’, this book will unlock the secrets of 50 of the world’s most extraordinary natural and man-made wonders. Expert commentary combines with detailed illustrations and step-by-step diagrams to explain how amazing these famous sights really are.

  • Illustrations take you inside the wonders
  • Maps show you how to find them
  • Practical travel details help you plan a visit

Book Details
ISBN: 9781743214305
Curator: Lonely Planet
256 pages, 256pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 192mm × 248mm
Next edition due: May 2019

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