The Travel Book Lonely Planet Kids US version

The Travel Book Lonely Planet Kids US version

2nd Edition Oct 2021


$19.99 USD

Get to know our diverse planet with the second edition of Lonely Planet Kids’ best-selling title.

Thoroughly updated and revised and, for the first time, the book will now cover the entire globe with a full page dedicated to every independent country as well as territories that don’t officially qualify as countries in their own right.

As before, there will be a page dedicated to every country, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, arranged by continent. Each feature will be brought vividly to life with maps, full-colour photography, original art and lively, accessible text.

This second edition of The Travel Book will provide kids with the ultimate reference book to learn all about all the incredible – and incredibly different – lands that make up our planet.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781838694616
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids
212 pages, 212pp color | Dimensions: 238mm × 312mm
Next edition due: Oct 2025


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