The Cities Book

2nd Edition Oct 2017


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Lonely Planet’s bestselling The Cities Book is back. Fully revised and updated, it’s a celebration of 200 of the world’s most exciting urban destinations, beautifully photographed and packed with trip advice and recommendations from our experts – making it the perfect companion for any traveller deciding where to visit next.

  • Highlights and itineraries help travellers plan their perfect trip
  • Urban tales reveal unexpected bites of history and local culture
  • Discover each city’s strengths, best experiences and most famous exports
  • Includes the top ten cities for beaches, nightlife, food and more
  • Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler shares his all-time favourite cities
  • Fully revised and updated with the best cities to visit right now

Book Details
ISBN: 9781786577580
Writers: Lonely Planet
424 pages, 424pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 271mm × 351mm
Next edition due: Oct 2022


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