The Cities Activity Book (North & South America edition)

1st Edition Jun 2019


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Suitable for children ages 6-8

Explore over 60 of the world’s most amazing cities with this activity book for urban explorers. Fill in New York’s famous skyline, design a Mexican wrestling mask, find the difference between Viennese dancing horses, and add your own mural to a Melbourne graffiti wall.

Start your tour by decorating a totem pole in Vancouver, Canada, and then travel around the world before finding and drawing the world’s fastest fish—the black marlin—found near Apia, the capital city of Samoa.

With its colorful illustrations, photos and facts about each city, plus over 250 stickers, The Cities Activity Book plunges readers into a world full of amazing places and cultures.

Activities include:

  • Counting the number of windows on the White House in Washington DC
  • Creating the famous Hollywood sign on the hills overlooking Los Angeles
  • Striking up a conversation with a local in Jamaica
  • Completing the colorful costumes of Carnival goers in Rio de Janeiro
  • Spotting the difference between llamas in Cuzco
  • Adding pirate ships and hoards of gold to Cartagena’s old port
  • Drawing a puffin from Iceland
  • Filling in the famous sights along London’s River Thames
  • Joining the dots to complete the enormous Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Matching the aardvark to its yummy termite nest in Timbuktu
  • Creating your own colorful matatu minibus in Nairobi
  • Building the world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai
  • Finding your way through the maze of Beijing’s ancient Forbidden City
  • Counting the commuters in Tokyo’s super-busy metro system
  • Completing the outfits of Maoris doing a traditional dance

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Book Details
ISBN: 9781788684774
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids
48 pages, 48pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 230mm × 305mm
Next edition due: Jun 2024

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