Taiwan - Understand Taiwan and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

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All the info you need on everything from history: centuries of colonisation, cultural pollination and political tension, to flights, public transport, climate, money, the internet... you name it. Get tips for gay and lesbian travellers, travellers with disabilities, and travellers with kids. And get the most out of your conversations with a handy language guide and glossary.

  • a rundown on the big issues of the day and the forces shaping the future, at a glance
  • info on Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, folk and the other religions that create a fascinating mix of temple rites, pilgrimages and festivals
  • full coverage of the arts that are alive and well here with local forms of opera, music, ceramics, cinema, puppetry, dance and indigenous crafts
  • details on just what makes the Beautiful Isle such a diverse and wild place

Coverage includes: Taiwan Today: The Mewling Tiger, Identity Questions, The Other Big Issues, Government & Politics and The Future of Taiwan, History: Early History, The Dutch Colonial Era, Taiwan in the Qing Dynasty, The Japanese Colonial Era: 1895-1945, Taiwan under KMT Rule, The Post-Martial-Law Period: 1988-2000 and Taiwan in the 21st Century, The People of Taiwan: Taiwan’s Modernity, Ethnicity, Taiwanese Women Today, Lifestyle and The Taiwanese Character, Religion in Taiwan: A Brief History, Three Faiths (Plus One), Pilgrimage, Acts of Worship & Prayer, Same God, Many Statues and Religion & Modern Life, The Temples of Taiwan: History, Architectural Features, Temple Decorative Arts and Temples Today, The Arts of Taiwan: Modern Visual Arts, Indigenous Arts & Crafts, Music, Performing Arts, Cinema and Literature, The Landscape of Taiwan: The Beauty, Mountains, Rivers & Plains, Wetlands Environmental Issues and Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, Typhoons & Landslides, Wildlife Guide: Taiwan’s Forests & Climate, Plants, Animals and Conservation, Directory A–Z, Transport, and Language.

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68 pages

You are viewing a Country Guide

You are viewing a Country Guide

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