Taiwan - Taiwan Strait Islands (PDF Chapter)

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Taiwan - Taiwan Strait Islands (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Taiwan Strait Islands chapter from Lonely Planet’s Taiwan guide-book.

The very existence of Taiwan’s outlying islands comes as a surprise to many foreign visitors, although the three main archipelagos are rapidly growing as domestic tourist destinations. Attrac-tions include traditional villages, beaches, birdwatching, marine life.

  • pose for desert island photos on Jibei Sand Tail, an often-empty stretch of paradisaical beach
  • maps
  • potter about the stairway-alleys of Qinbi Village, Taiwan’s best preserved historical vil-lage
  • transport
  • take a night-time boat ride through Beihai Tunnel to observe the twinkling algae
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Kinmen, Kincheng, Little Kinmen, Shuitou Village, Matsu, Beigan, Nangan, Penghu Islands, Magong, Outer Penghu Islands.

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