Taiwan - Northern Taiwan (PDF Chapter)

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Taiwan - Northern Taiwan (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Northern Taiwan chapter from Lonely Planet’s Taiwan guidebook.

For many travellers, the north gives them their first taste of how big this little island is. Its mountains – and their valleys and meadows – seem near endless, and that around every corner is a rustic hot-spring village, forest reserve or indigenous hamlet.

  • ride the rails between heritage stations on a beautiful branch line railway in Pingxi District
  • maps
  • have your spirits lifted by Sandiaoling Waterfall Trail, a trio of gorgeous cascades
  • transport
  • catch summer surf vibes and seafood on a sleepy stretch of coast in Toucheng
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: New Taipei City, Yingge & Sansia, Wulai, Cihu, Baling, Northeast Coast, Jiufen & Jinguashi, Pingxi District, Fulong, Toucheng, Nanao, Hsinchu & Miaoli Counties, Hsinchu, Beipu, Nanzhuang, Shitoushan, Sheipa National Park.

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