Tahiti & French Polynesia - Maupiti (PDF Chapter)

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Tahiti & French Polynesia - Maupiti (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Maupiti chapter from Lonely Planet’s Tahiti & French Polynesia guidebook.

Maupiti’s shimmering lagoon, perfect ring of islets, palm trees and large coral gardens make it one of the most ravishing islands in French Polynesia. Although no longer a secret, it remains a hideaway where visitors absorb the lazy lifestyle.

  • explore Maupiti’s gin-clear lagoon while snorkelling with manta rays at Manta Point
  • maps
  • take it real easy, with lizardlike basking on heavenly Tereia Beach
  • transport
  • paddle a kayak across the azure lagoon
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Tereia Beach, Vaiea, Haranae Valley, Marae Vaiahu, Motu Auira, Motu Paeao, Motu Tiapaa, Motu Tuanai, Mt Teurafaatiu.

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