Sydney - Newtown & the Inner West (PDF Chapter)

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Sydney - Newtown & the Inner West (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Newtown & the Inner West chapter from Lonely Planet’s Sydney guidebook.

The Inner West is a sociological stew of students, urban hippies, lifestyle-focused profes-sional couples, artists and more. At its beginning is Sydney University, a bastion of old-world ar-chitecture dominating the tiny suburbs of Camperdown, Darlington and Chippendale.

  • graze your way around the farmers market, scratch your head at conceptual art or be mysti-fied by an avant-garde performance within capacious Carriageworks
  • maps
  • admire the fine antiquities and excellent Lego in Sydney University’s fascinating archaeo-logical museum, the Nicholson Museum, to be incorporated in 2020 into the Chau Chak Wing Museum
  • transport
  • challenge your cultural stereotypes and expand your mind at White Rabbit, Sydney’s best contemporary art gallery
  • restaurants & bars

Coverage includes: Neighbourhood Top Five, Local Life, Getting There & Away, Sights, Eating, Drinking & Nightlife, Entertainment, Shopping, Sports & Activities.

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