Sticker World - Theme Park (North and South America edition)

1st Edition Feb 2018


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Suitable for children ages 6-8

It's time for children to get creative with Lonely Planet Kids' Sticker World - Theme Park.

From designing death-defying roller coasters and choosing what candy is sold, to picking the park's mascot, kids can create the theme park of their dreams in this fun and interactive book. As chief planner, architect and builder, they can add colorful stickers, doodles and drawings to each page and bring their construction to life.

Inside, kids can:

  • Design a map so people don't get lost
  • Build roller coasters and add loop-the-loops
  • Draw their own Ferris wheel and get it spinning
  • Dress log flume riders in waterproof ponchos
  • Decorate carousel horses
  • Entertain visitors with wild west shows
  • Spook everyone with a scary haunted house
  • Color in a swashbuckling pirate ship
  • Create an ice cream and candy stand
  • Doodle swirly designs on their tea cup ride

Also available:

Sticker World - Museum and Sticker World - Zoo

Book Details
ISBN: 9781787011373
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids, Becky Wilson
40 pages, 40pp color | Dimensions: 216mm × 270mm
Next edition due: Feb 2023

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