Sticker World: Castle (North and South America edition)

1st Edition Feb 2019


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Suitable for children ages 6-8

Get ready to create the best castle ever!

From designing medieval costumes and adding ghosts to your spooky dungeons, this is your chance to build the ultimate castle. Design a coat of arms, entertain friends with enormous banquets, and put on a jousting competition.

Just add stickers, doodles, and lots of color to bring it all to life.

As the castle owner, you’ll have loads of fun activities to do, including:

  • Creating a map so visitors can find their way around
  • Designing suits of armor and dressing up like a knight
  • Decorating your walls with funny family portraits
  • Counting all your treasure and designing a crown
  • Cooking up a delicious medieval feast in the kitchen
  • Organizing an amazing birds of prey demonstration
  • Growing lots of vegetables and planting flowers
Book Details
ISBN: 9781788680257
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids
40 pages, 40pp color | Dimensions: 216mm × 270mm
Next edition due: Feb 2024


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