South America - Venezuela (PDF Chapter)

South America - Venezuela (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Venezuela chapter from Lonely Planet’s South America guide-book.

Few countries in the world have this degree of natural beauty: Andean peaks, Caribbean coastline, idyllic islands, grasslands teeming with wildlife, the steamy Orinoco Delta and the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls. We cannot recommend traveling here at present, but we hope that the future holds amazing tourist possibilities.

Travel Warning

Venezuela is a tricky place to travel at present and showing up on a whim is a bad idea. Be-cause of security concerns, we cannot recommend traveling to Venezuela at this time. There is a basic lack of services for the ordinary citizen – food, health care and personal security – so a traveler with no knowledge of the lay of the land could find themselves seriously out of their depth in a hurry.

Coverage includes: Venezuela Today, History, Pre-Columbian Times, Spanish Conquest, Simón Bolívar & Independence, Caudillo Country, Twentieth Century Oil State, Coups & Corruption, A Left Turn, Twenty-First Century Socialism, After Chávez.

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6 pages

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You are viewing a Multi Country Guide

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