Seattle - Understand Seattle & Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

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This chapter contains the Seattle Today, History, Way of Life, Music, Transportation and Directory A–Z chapters from Lonely Planet’s Seattle guidebook.

All the info you need on everything from history: yo-yoing fortunes on the way from rambunctious lumber town to high-tech city of the future, to flights, public transport, climate, money, the internet... you name it. Get tips for gay and lesbian travellers and travellers with disabilities.

  • a rundown on the evolution of Seattle in the 2010s that continues at a blinding pace
  • info on the short, action-packed story of Seattle’s history
  • full coverage of Seattle’s way of life: a city of latte lunches, cutting-edge culture and outdoor fashion that has modestly produced numerous global brands
  • details on Seattle’s music, with Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Macklemore and more

Coverage includes: Seattle Today: The Sweet Smell of Success, Tackling Inequalities, Transportation Revolution and Grassroots Trends, History: Native Peoples of Puget Sound, New York Pretty Soon, Birth of the City, The Great Fire & the Regrading of Seattle, The War Years and Boeing & Postwar Seattle, Way of Life: What is a Seattleite?, Dealing with Success and Arts, Music: The Jazz Age, From Hendrix to Heart, Grunge – Punk’s West Coast Nirvana and Hip-Hop, Transportation and Directory A–Z.

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25 pages

You are viewing a City Guide

You are viewing a City Guide

What is a City Guide?

These are our most comprehensive, in-depth city guides, designed for visits lasting from a couple of days up to one week or more. Packed with extensive coverage, reviews, well-kept secrets, hidden gems and much more, they’re invaluable before and during your trip.

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  • Includes an A-Z Survival Guide and extensive pre-planning sections
  • Full colour, pull-out detailed city map plus colour maps throughout

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