Puerto Rico - North Coast (PDF Chapter)

Puerto Rico - North Coast (PDF Chapter)

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This is the North Coast chapter from Lonely Planet’s Puerto Rico guidebook.

Veering from a manicured coast of plush golf resorts and posh surf spots, this region rears up into the less-visited vine-tangled crags of karst country, where landscapes seem positively prehis-toric with yawning cave systems, steep-sided hills and undulating spreads of forest.

  • gawk at the gargantuan Birth of the New World statue that put Arecibo on the tourist map
  • maps
  • immerse yourself in the heavens with an ascent to the world’s largest radio telescope in the Observatorio de Arecibo
  • transport
  • swooping, paddle or gallop through the forests and rivers of Karst country with Batey Zi-pline Adventures adventure outfit
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Dorado, Arecibo, Around Arecibo, Isabela & Around, Aguadilla, When to Go, Best Places to Sleep.

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