PhotoCity New York (North & South America edition)

1st Edition May 2018


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One photographer. One complete picture. We present 24 hours in the life of one of the world's most iconic cities. From sunrise to after sunset, from famous landmarks to lesser-known neighbourhoods, this celebration of New York is packed with local insights and visual stories to showcase what makes the city truly great.

As a chronological day-in-the-life story, this photobook captures the city's early risers to late-night clubbers, its chaotic, busy streets and oases of calm, striking architecture and green, open spaces. As a portrait of local life, it provides an intimate, insider's guide to New York, documenting its patchwork of neighbourhoods and the people who call them home.

PhotoCity New York is the perfect book for those who dream of visiting the city, while making a great companion for those who know and love the Big Apple.

Also available: PhotoCity London and PhotoCity Paris.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781787018129
Writers: Guillaume Gaudet, Zora O'Neill
160 pages, 160pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 207mm × 165mm
Next edition due: May 2022


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