My Family Height Chart (North and South America edition)

1st Edition Apr 2017


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Suitable for children ages 6-8

Measuring your height has never been so much fun! This fun pull-out height chart is more than two metres (6.5 feet) tall, and covered with the tallest, smallest, weirdest and wackiest things to size yourself up to. Are you taller than the world's biggest bunny? Could your baby sister fit inside a giant cucumber? How does Dad match up to the biggest recorded king cobra snake? The chart features illustrations of and facts about awesome animals, freaky food and all sorts of other cool stuff.

My Family Height Chart is perforated for easy removal so you can display it proudly on your wall. Includes stickers to add to the chart to see how you’ve grown. Give yourself a trophy or a rosette sticker when you reach a personal milestone. And make sure the rest of the family gets involved too. With over 80 colourful stickers, there are enough for everyone! How will you measure up?

Are you…

Taller than a lemur tail?

Smaller than a giant snail?

Bigger than a rearing snake?

Tinier than a huge cupcake?

Part of our Family Activity Range.

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Book Details
ISBN: 9781786576897
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids
18 pages, 18pp color | Dimensions: 230mm × 305mm
Next edition due: Apr 2023


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