Moscow - Tverskoy (PDF Chapter)

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Moscow - Tverskoy (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Tverskoy chapter from Lonely Planet’s Moscow guidebook.

Start your exploration at the majestic Teatralnaya pl, home to the world-famous Bolshoi Thea-tre. This glittering jewel of a theatre is a sight to behold. Tverskaya ul, Moscow’s main thorough-fare, is ideal for people-watching from sidewalk cafes.

  • spend an evening at one of the world’s grandest opera and ballet venues, the Bolshoi Theatre
  • maps
  • eat, drink, dance and otherwise frolick at Hermitage Gardens, one of the liveliest places in Moscow, where art, food or musical festivals take place almost weekly
  • transport
  • learn about daily life for Jews in Russia from the partition of Poland to the late USSR times at the ultramodern Jewish Museum & Centre of Tolerance
  • restaurants & bars

Coverage includes: Sights, Eating, Drinking & Nightlife, Entertainment, Shopping, Sports & Activities.

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