Mongolia - Eastern Mongolia (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Eastern Mongolia chapter from Lonely Planet's Mongolia guidebook.

In eastern Mongolia you'll encounter a boundless blue sky colliding with an equally limitless sea of green. The occasional shack or ger (traditional yurt) reminds you that humans do inhabit this landscape, but for the most part it's an unspoilt amphitheatre of bounding gazelle, scurrying marmots and jeep tracks that squiggle endlessly into the distance.

  • spend a few days around Dadal, a pretty village of log cabins and Chinggis Khaan legends
  • maps
  • pay your respects to the local deities with an ascent of sacred Shiliin Bogd Uul
  • transport
  • tour the area around Dariganga, rich in cultural relics and eerie volcanic landscapes
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Khentii, Chinggis Khot (Öndörkhaan), Khökh Nuur, Baldan Baraivun Khiid, Öglögchiin Kherem, Binder, Dadal, Dornod, Choibalsan, Kherlen Bar Khot, Buir Nuur, Khalkhiin Gol, Sükhbaatar, Baruun-Urt, Dariganga and Shiliin Bogd Uul & around.

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19 pages

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You are viewing a Country Guide

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