Mongolia - Eastern Mongolia (PDF Chapter)

Mongolia - Eastern Mongolia (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Eastern Mongolia chapter from Lonely Planet’s Mongolia guide-book.

This is where you’ll find the steppe that was the ecological backbone of the great horse no-madic empires of history. Everywhere is grass, grass, grass and herders who have carved a life out of the marriage of livestock and prairie.

  • spend a few days around log cabins and Chinggis Khaan legends in Dadal
  • maps
  • pay your respects to the local deities with an ascent of the sacred peak of Shiliin Bogd Uul
  • transport
  • tour Dariganga’s cultural relics and eerie volcanic landscapes
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Khentii, Chinggis, Binder, Dadal, Dornod, Khökh Nuur, Choibalsan, Buir Nuur, Sükhbaatar, Baruun-Urt, Dariganga, Shiliin Bogd Uul.

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