Lonely Planet Writing & Sketch Journal

1st Edition Jul 2016


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This creativity journal is sure to spark ideas and inspire users to engage with their surroundings. Each spread features a different activity, such as sketching what you can see outside the window, designing your own flag, going to the top of the nearest hill to see what you can see, writing down your travel bucket list or just clearing your mind for a few moments of meditation.

With a lightweight, durable, flexi-bound cover, this journal is designed to accompany people in their daily lives, so it’s possible to pull it out at any moment. An elastic strap keeps the pages from getting damaged when you’re on the move.

Lonely Planet’s 2017 range of stationery is for every travel-lover, with a diary, journal and calendars, all presented in a vibrant and dynamic graphic style.

Book Details
ISBN: 9781760343149
Writers: Lonely Planet
176 pages, 0pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 155mm × 216mm
Next edition due: Jul 2021

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