Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel (North & Latin America Edition)

Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel (North & Latin America Edition)

1st Edition Oct 2015


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We've all got places that we want to see for ourselves: places friends have enthused about after a holiday, places we've read about, dreamed about.

This is our list. It's the 500 most thrilling, memorable, downright interesting places on this planet - and what's more, we've ranked them in order of their brilliance. These are the places we think you should experience; there are sights that will humble you, amaze you and surprise you. They'll provoke thoughts, emotions or just an urgent need to tell someone about them.

We've decided, now so should you. What's your Number One?

Book Details
ISBN: 9781760342777
Writers: Lonely Planet
328 pages, 312pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 237mm × 278mm
Next edition due: Oct 2020

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