Lonely Planet Magazine: Essential Europe

10th Edition May 2019


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Find new ways to experience the Old World with Lonely Planet Magazine’s Essential Europe 2019.

Lonely Planet Magazine’s Essential Europe 2019 explores the entire continent, gathering magazine’s best stories into a single, collectable edition. From the frozen landscapes of Iceland to the buzzing, historic streets of Ljubljana, or from the strolling philosophies of Paris cobblestones to rich culinary traditions of Northern Ireland, our award-winning photography and in-depth articles take you to the heart of a travel experience.

Destinations featured:

  • Rome
  • Iceland
  • The Mediterranean
  • Scotland
  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Slovenia
  • Denmark
  • Paris
  • Malta
  • Muhu, Estonia
  • Northern Ireland

Book Details
ISBN: 9781788689489
Writers: Lonely Planet
128 pages, 128pp color | Dimensions: 272mm × 216mm
Next edition due: May 2023

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