Italy's Best Trips - Central Italy (PDF Chapter)

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Italy's Best Trips - Central Italy (PDF Chapter)

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This is the Central Italy chapter from Lonely Planet’s Italy’s Best Trips guidebook.

As Florence’s renaissance skyline fades into the background the open road beckons. Motoring through Tuscany’s voluptuous, wine-rich hills is one of Italy’s great driving experiences and one of the many on offer in this fascinating part of the country.

  • trawl through ancient ruins and hilltop towns in Rome’s fascinating hinterland on the Roaming Around Rome trip
  • pick the right route with inspirational images and key trip highlights
  • immerse yourself in glorious, untamed nature in Abruzzo’s magnificent national parks on the Abruz-zo’s Wild Landscapes trip
  • get around easily with colour maps and route directions in easy stages
  • explore Tuscany and Lazio’s Etruscan tombs and frescoed treasures on the Etruscan Tuscany & Lazio trip
  • discover even more with detours and ways to link your trips

Coverage includes: Roaming Around Rome, Abruzzo’s Wild Landcapes, Etruscan Tuscany & Lazio, Monasteries of Tuscany & Umbria, Green Heart of Italy, Piero della Francesca Trail, Tuscan Wine Tour, Tuscan Landscapes, Foodie Emilia-Romagna.

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