Iran - Tehran (PDF Chapter)

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Iran - Tehran (PDF Chapter)

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Hugging the lower slopes of the magnificent, snowcapped Alborz Mountains, Tehran is Iran’s most secular and liberal city. This is the nation’s dynamic beating heart and the place to get a handle on modern Iran and its future.

  • take in the opulence of the Golestan Palace, a monument to Qajar excess
  • maps
  • explore the Grand Bazaar, the mother of all Iranian markets, which sells it all – from skimpy knickers to antique carpets
  • transport
  • gaze at the Peacock Throne and a shah’s ransom of bling at the Treasury of National Jew-els
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: History, Sights, Activities, Tours, Courses, Sleeping, Eating, Drinking & Nightlife, Entertainment, Shopping, Around Tehran, Alborz Ski Resorts, Mt Damavand, Rey.

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