How Airports Work Activity Book (North & South America edition)

1st Edition May 2020


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Suitable for children ages 6-8.

Get ready to explore airports inside and out in this jam-packed activity and sticker book! Design your own passport, get through the runway maze, color in a futuristic airport, unscramble anagrams, fill the skies with airplane stickers and much more. With over 200 stickers, bright illustrations, and awesome facts about airports around the world, this is the perfect way to keep kids occupied whether on your travels or at home!

Flying can be an exciting way to travel, and there’s plenty of inspiration throughout this book for learning about airports and air travel. With vivid illustrations by James Gulliver Hancock of baggage systems, in-flight meals and the plane’s entertainment systems to name a few, young kids will find plenty to keep them occupied and challenged. They can decorate and design their own airports, and with 48 pages of activities and over 200 stickers, there’s plenty of fun to be had at home or in the air!

Activities include:

  • Navigating your way through the baggage carousel maze
  • Draw your own in-flight entertainment with marker pens
  • Spot the two identical airline meals on board the flight
  • Color in the airplane and design your own airline logo
  • Add stickers to complete the air hangar jigsaw
  • Find the odd plane out in the airport scene

And much, much more!

Book Details
ISBN: 9781838691066
Writers: Lonely Planet Kids
48 pages, 48pp color | Dimensions: 282mm × 259mm
Next edition due: May 2025

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