French Phrasebook and Audio CD

3rd Edition Oct 2015


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Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Audio CD is your handy passport to culturally enriching travels with the most relevant and useful French phrases and vocabulary for all your travel needs.

Ask about tucked-away vineyards, bargain with local farmers at the market or order wine like a professional; all with your trusted travel companion. With language tools in your back pocket, you can truly get to the heart of wherever you go, so begin your journey now!

  • Full-color throughout
  • User-friendly layout organized by travel scenario categorie
  • Survival phrases inside front cover for at-a-glance on-the-fly cues
  • Listen and Learn with our audio CD which includes 375 key phrases
  • Covers: Basics, Practical, Social, Safe Travel and Food Chapters

    Book Details
    ISBN: 9781743603697
    Curator: Michael Janes
    Writers: Jean-Bernard Carillet, Jean-Pierre Masclef
    272 pages, 272pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 93mm × 140mm
    Next edition due: May 2020

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