Food Lover's Guide to the World (Paperback)

1st Edition Sep 2014

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Paperback edition. A delicious gift for the food lover in your life. When we travel, it’s often love at first bite. Food Lover’s Guide to the World presents a lifetime of eating experiences that will lead you from one end of the globe to the other. Take your taste buds on a tour around the world and cook up your next great culinary adventure.

  • celebrity food-lover contributions
  • best places to find local dishes in cities great and small
  • cultural tips and how-to-eat etiquette
  • introductions by Mark Bittman and James Oseland
  • more than 50 recipes to cook back home
Book Details
ISBN: 9781743603635
Curator: Lonely Planet Food
324 pages, 324pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 185mm × 240mm
Next edition due: Sep 2019

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