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We take readers on a journey through sprawling cities, small towns, great plains, snow-capped mountains and redwood forests. Go road-tripping down the Pacific Coast Highway, learn how to spy a bear in the wild, discover where to find the USA’s best Chinatowns, and more.

This new part-pictorial, part-guidebook is built around themes that introduce the reader to the heart of the USA and is packed with practical trip-planning tips and information on the most authentic local sights and activities. It’s perfect for seasoned travelers looking to discover something new or previously undiscovered.
  • Includes over 90 experiences stretching across the USA
  • Multiple ways to navigate the book - thematically, geographically, or by interest
  • Hundreds of stunning photos on gloss paper stock

Lonely Planet Experience USA is presented across five themes:
  • Big & bold: Majestic nature, epic journeys & cultural powerhouses
  • Americanarama: Cars, bourbon, barbecue & the american spirit
  • Melting pot: A multicultural blend of irresistible cuisine, music & customs
  • Innovation & creation: World-famous arts, music & culture
  • Surprising experiences: The underrated, unexpected & downright mysterious

Get to the heart of the USA and begin your journey now! Lonely Planet Experience USA covers both top sights and roads less travelled and is the perfect place to start getting inspired and mapping out an itinerary for an upcoming trip. Once you’ve decided where you’re headed in the USA, check out the relevant Lonely Planet USA destination travel guides for even more detailed itinerary planning.
Book Details
ISBN: 9781787013322
Writers: Mark Andrew, Amy C Balfour, Sarah Baxter, Andrew Bender, Sara Benson, Alison Bing, Paul Bloomfield, Nate Cavalieri, Lisa Dunford, Tom Hall, Mariella Krause, Alex Leviton, Emily Matchar, Christopher Pitts, Brendan Sainsbury, Simon Sellars, Adam Skolnick, Regis St Louis, Karla Zimmerman
316 pages, 316pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 267mm × 206mm
Next edition due: Apr 2022

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