Experience Spain

1st Edition Apr 2019


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Inside Lonely Planet’s Experience Spain you’ll travel through buzzing cities, rural villages, rugged mountains and blissful beaches, discovering the secrets of Barcelona and Madrid’s nightlife, eating your way through the streets on a delectable tapas tour, and finding your new favourite hike, festival and siesta spot.
Book Details
ISBN: 9781788682657
Writers: Andrew Bain, Sarah Baxter, Oliver Berry, Gregor Clark, Lucy Corne, Sally Davies, Duncan Garwood, Anthony Ham, Ben Handicott, Anita Isalska, Catherine Le Nevez, Isabella Noble, John Noble, Lorna Parkes, Josephine Quintero, Sarah Reid, Kalya Ryan, Brendan Sainsbury, Oliver Smith, Regis St Louis, Andy Symington, Clifton Wilkinson
288 pages, 288pp color, 0 maps | Dimensions: 267mm × 206mm
Next edition due: Dec 2021

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