Ethiopia & Djibouti - Southern Ethiopia (PDF Chapter)

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Ethiopia & Djibouti - Southern Ethiopia (PDF Chapter)

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Southern Ethiopia is a canvas ripped in two. Its landscape is being torn apart by the Great Rift Valley, leaving a trail of lakes where you can go see crocodiles, hippos and birds – or just drink in the scenery from your hotel.

  • spot the world’s rarest canid, the Ethiopian wolf, while trekking the sublime Bale Mountains National Park
  • maps
  • barter for an inscribed calabash at the lively tribal market of Key Afar
  • transport
  • get lost in the labyrinthine traditional Konso Villages
  • restaurants & accommodation

Coverage includes: Butajira, Hosaina, Sodo, Rift Valley Lakes, Lake Zi-way, Lake Langano, Abiata-Shala Lakes National Park, Shashemene, Awasa, Lephis, Bale Mountains, Dodola, Bale Mountains National Park, Dola-Mena, South to Kenya, Dilla, Yabelo, Borana National Park – Yabelo Wildlife Sanctuary, Moyale, Arba Minch & Around, Arba Minch, Nechisar National Park, Dorze, Konso, Konso Kantas, The Lower Omo Valley, Jinka, Mago Na-tional Park, Key Afar, Turmi, Arbore, Dimeka, Kangaten & Kolcho, Omorate, Weyto, Southwest Omo Valley, Kibish, Omo National Park.

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